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How to Deal with Critics October 19, 2009

Posted by illiniphil in Uncategorized.

I wanted to share this GREAT video with you all.  Perry Noble is a pastor in Anderson, South Carolina who is doing an incredible work for the Lord. If you ever deal with criticism, this is a great word for you today:



1. joshua moraghan - October 19, 2009

thank you phil for posting this. good stuff.

2. Ryan Shepard - October 20, 2009

Great stuff – it would be so easy to lose focus and take on this unecessary battle. In ministry the temptation to become pleasers of men rather than pleasers of God always abounds. Because of my position I haven’t experienced a lot of this kind of criticism that maybe Senior Pastors do, but should I ever encounter it, this video has equipped me with the right mindset on how to handle it.

3. dgregebie - October 21, 2009

criticism is like a cancer in the church; it serves one purpose: kill. Perry or should I say Rick has the right treatment. the chemotherapy of criticism is to out love, out live and out fruit the critics – the cancer that is. And if we’re wrong then when God blows us up they can enjoy the bonfire. Let’s keep our focus on Jesus – out love, out live and out fruit. good stuff.

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